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Want to go all white for your dream home interior? Use these tips to enhance the look!

Experiment with different textures of material in white tone

Mixing texture in interior design is not purely a case of combining different materials and finishes. You should look to integrate different ways to add texture too.

Layering in interior design is key to producing a scheme that’s rich and full of depth. Try blending multiple different sources of texture so that you’re not relying on just fabric or furniture finishes. Interesting textures aren’t only pleasing to look at, but when you contrast them, they’re great providers of balance too.

Texture layering white
Elegance and blue go hand-in-hand

Play With Textured Home Accessories

Vases, artifacts, ornaments, sculptures, and mirrors goes hand in hand with texture. You could purposefully create an arrangement of objects with alternating textures to really make a statement.

Careful to not add too many competing finishes into the room though or the lack of link could produce a lack of direction.

Play of artifacts
Colorful cushions on white base

Lighting is another feature in the room with a dual texture aspect.

The look and feel of the lamp itself plays a role in providing texture.

It is the most multi-layered subject of all when it comes to texture. It is a matter of mixing different styles of source, choosing the right temperature of bulb, and spreading the light sources at different levels throughout the room so you have wave upon wave of illuminated texture.

Bold pattern lighting energizing your entrance
Mobile lighting to create dynamic whites

Let art speak for you !!

A white wall behind sofa is just crying out for some art. If you like this look check out this living room with large wall art.

The artwork makes the first impression without a doubt, ever wondered how to coordinate an interior around two very dissimilar art styles? This space provides welcome inspiration.

It is an eclectic interior that pulls together around the ambiance of the artwork chosen.

Abstract painting highlighting living
Art in artifact

Pop of cheerful color's

While the term "pop of color" could mean any myriad of things, from a statement wall to a festive carpet, the concept at its core is genius: A room isn't complete without leaving your own colorful mark on it. It is, after all, a tried-and-true way to highlight architectural details and lend personality to an otherwise neutral space.

Bold color blend with whites
Feel bold with cool blue

All in all white is such a flexible color when designed with proper sense of Textures, Lighting, Accents, Art work and complementing color's can work wonders to your dream home interior.

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