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Clever tips for timeless kid bedroom interiors!!

"Growing up happens in a heartbeat; but the memories of childhood stay with you forever"

Simple drawers with creative knobs adds a fantasy element
Timeless furniture with replaceable wallpaper

For Kids, their bedroom is a place to escape and daydream. A space dedicated to homework, games, books and toys. So, it comes as no surprise that kids’ room designs are essentially have to be fun, bright and have engaging décor.

In the world today, technology is everywhere, and the Internet is a major part of our lives.

Almost everything we do in our daily lives has to do with the computer, or some sort of technology in one way or another. Children now a days are starting to use technology at younger age, so it has become crucial to make their bed décor timeless as they are continuously updating their taste and wants with time.

These are the quick take away when it comes to designing a room for your kid!!

Choose a color palette that is not too baby!!

Blend colors add fantasy to your room

Color tone play very important part in bringing positive vibes to room, avoid using colors which are gender specific like blue or pink; explore more dynamic yet soothing color palate like yellows and greens to make a room not too dark, not very chaotic and not too intimidating.

Use of gender neutral colors for kids

Invest in furniture which is practical rather than fancy

While he might be dying for a bed with the slide or in shape of a car he will get over that quickly don't compromise! go for it; As giving him his favorite bed will make him create thousand of memories growing up. Instead design it in such a way when he is bored of the slide you can easily detach it from a bed or simply remove or replace some feature so that it remains interesting for ever. Chose every piece of furniture in his/her room cute enough to go in a grown-up room, therefore it’s more timeless.

Detachable car and slide that won't disturb the bed structure
Use of detachable wallpapers' and stickers that will keep your room timeless

Let them be their own designer

Aeroplane hanging light adds mobility to room

DIY projects are great décor ideas for decorating a kid's room. Make your child's space feel special and personalized for them with one or many of their own projects!

Spend quality and fun time with them making hanging lights or wall textures for their room.

Color shelf back with DIY floral hanging lights creates a dramatic room

Mix two to three patterns in the room to avoid chaos.

Patterned bed back paneling makes your room dynamic

As patterns are fun to look at, but kids are already chaotic . By mixing a ton of patterns in their rooms, you are adding so much busyness and chaos even before they spread their toys and socks and kid-like mess around. So I would limit the patterns to three in a room.

Galaxy ceiling brings outside inside

Keep changing the furnishings!!

Add a touch of whimsy to your child's room by getting interesting bedding of your child's favorite fairytale or super hero which you can keep changing according to his age without involving a lot of cost .

Printed bed sheets and pillows, curtains either in words or in colorful pictures over all makes a lot of difference to room décor.

Use theme wallpapers or posters to tell story of your child's dream world. He/she is surely going to love this décor idea! Get in an artist to do it, if you think doing it yourself is not your cup of tea!

All in all designing and decorating a child’s bedroom can be both exciting and overwhelming. The overall style of your child’s bedroom will be influenced by several factors, but by incorporating these clever ideas while designing you can give your child a timeless source of comfort.

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