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Chinchwad, Pune

Spacious 2 Storeyed Bungalow design

A project well executed for the Kamat family..!This was beautiful two storey bungalow, with two terraces, one of 1st floor and another on 2nd.

Considering the client's wish to accommodate a bar in the house, we decided to convert the terrace on the 1st floor into a bar and a library.

Their daughter wished to have a rainbow and clouds in her room which was artistically fulfilled by doing a cloud shaped ceiling work with rainbow colored rafters towards the window.

The window sliders were shifted outwards to turn the space into a bay window.The master bedroom was a huge space and not properly utilized, which was corrected by putting a walk-in wardrobe in the room towards the wash room and doing a laser cut MDF ceiling.

The walk-in wardrobe included two double door soft closing sliding wardrobes with automatic rail lights.The washroom was completely redone using designer floor and dado tiles, and designer fixtures.The back yard of the house was only accessible from the kitchen area, and hence not an interest zone for the family.

Hence, a french door in the living room wall was made to access the back yard.Landscape of the backyard was completely changed by constructing a wooden deck and space for gardening. Pole fence lamps for the back yard gave the space a comforting emotion and turned it into a hot spot of the living room.

The living room did not have sufficient lighting hence a wall cutout was made for natural light to fill the space. The column in the living area was masked using wooden theme panels which helped it stand out from the rest of the space.

A decorative wall clock found its place on this column. Lacquered MDF panel was used for the ceiling for zoning.

The dining room was right adjacent to the living room and opposite to the kitchen area. The space was turned into an eight sitter veneer top dining area with a full wall decorative storage space.

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