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Mr. & Mrs. Dharap owns this Spacious 3BHK house to get a feel of luxurious life at 24K Opula in the heart of the city .

These days there are countless interior styles, ideas and décor options. Fusion interior design, just like fusion cuisine, is a creative way to incorporate an eclectic mix of two of more models, and generate a cohesive and innovative concept. 

Firstly, there are no rules—part of creating a new design is to play around with existing interior guidelines, and break the practice to see what works and what doesn’t. Think contrasting patterns, eras, traditions, and textures. Perhaps you would like to fuse a modern and minimalist interior with a traditional set of furniture? Or maybe tribal elements blended with smooth, sleek interior décor? Fusion style is an easy way to work with your existing interior pieces and mix-and-match to create something unique and unusual. Gain a few pointers from the following examples below, and redecorate your home in an individual and distinctive way.

When blending different trends with each other it can often be difficult to know what to include and what to emit. This is an excellent example of many different styles which have all come together and created a busy yet harmonic space.

This exciting space manages to include a hint of contemporary cool, a dash of classicism, and a touch of rustic tradition to create a space that is interesting and cohesive

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