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Compact Weekend Home

Lodha Belmondo, Pune

The client, an avid golfer bought this cozy studio apartment @ Lodha Belmondo for stays between their golf sessions. This space is a beautiful golf view living room with a walk-in kitchen and a comfortable golf view bedroom.
Having an inclination towards the color white, the house was needed to follow the same theme and still not be monotonous, hence different textures of white were used to divide the spaces.
Minimal ceiling beginning at the entrance separates the kitchen area from the living room, with storage shelves below the ceiling.
A comfortable white tone sitting with golf course view, and a compact bar unit with golf kit storage makes this a perfect party room.
The bedroom is cozier than the living room. A lacquered MDF panel behind the TV, with storage drawers and a vertical display unit with glass partitions as a highlight of the room.
A double door sliding wardrobe was custom built to accommodate the travel bags of the client, with drawers and shelves for daily commodities.
The dressing unit has a full sized wall mounted mirror with storage drawers and a vanity dressing table.
An extendable single bed, which can be converted into double bed has been custom built and provides ample storage space.

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